Rates and Information for Custom Sawmilling

The mill that I use is a Lucas Mill, and it is capable of cutting 

up to 50 inches wide by 18ft feet long.  

It can cut dimensional lumber from 1x1 up to 6x6. 

 It also can cut live edge slabs up to 50 inches wide.


Setup (Off-site only): $50 Travel Fee: $1.00 per mile one way (Outside 5mile radius of Northport,

NY 11768)

Setup Fee waved on off-site jobs lasting longer than one day

Sawing$100 per hour

Slabbing: $150 per hour 

(off-site $400 minimum, on-site $200 minimum)

Chain Sharpening Charge (for hitting metal or foreign objects in logs) – $25 minimum

Chain Replacement Charge (chain damaged beyond repair) – $100

Blade Replacement Charge (blade damaged beyond repair) - $210


All logs are scanned with a metal detector prior to sawing

Dry Kiln

contact for availability